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Salon “Julian” is a “Gallarie” for hair and skin. Julian was Jill’s father’s name. After his passing, Jill was blessed with a son whom she named Julian. The salon is named after both Jill’s son and father. Her daughter’s name is Gallarie, which also found it’s way into the naming of the salon. Jill’s daughter followed in her footsteps and became a hair dresser as well.

Salon Julian was recognized in 2018 as the “Best of Western Washington” and Google recognized Salon Julian 2 years in a row for having the most 5 star reviews.


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Salon Julian is one of the best salon experiences I have had. Jill the owner is a coloring goddess. The first time I went there I had done some experimenting with my own color. She not only corrected it but transformed my color with depth adding high and low lights with a sassy cut to complement it. I was really worried that my hair being very fine would end up damaged going light but it’s the healthiest it’s looked in years. Her knowledge in product and hair care are exceptional.


June 16th, 2019

I have been getting my haircut by Rachelle for five years and I couldn’t be happier. She cuts my somewhat difficult hair (wavy in all the wrong places with cowlicks) perfectly, is always open with suggestions and is a delight to interact with. I have finally arrived at hair-stylist nirvana after a long journey through the desert of lowered expectations. I feel very fortunate to have Rachelle as my service provider at Salon Julian.

January 3rd, 2020

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